What is a Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter is one of the vital parts of your vehicle. Its main duty is to burn hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide to generate nitrogen. The process includes rhodium/palladium utilization and platinum as catalysts, but at the same time, it decreases the nitrogen oxides. Which means that instead of adding the oxygen atom, it splits […]

How does a Car Alternator Work

In modern cars, alternator turns energy into AC or a current from the electrical energy that is created by the mechanical energy it generates while turning. It actually keeps the car running and recharging the power that the battery uses while driving, despite the common opinion of the engine doing the same job. Minim veniam, […]

The Startup Disrupting the Auto Collision Industry

This is a story of a group of young people who wanted to modernize one of the oldest and antiquated sectors of the industry – collision repair. They got the funding, they went straight ahead, and of course, there was a twist. Most of the body shops are family businesses, whose ways of handling stuff […]

How Does Water Pump Work

The water pump is the main part that works to cool your car’s system. To describe it in a more detailed way, we can say that its job is to circulate engine coolant through the cooling system from the radiator to the engine and back. Think of it as the heart, and enjoy the nice […]