Car Paint Chip Repair

In case you’ve noticed a chip in your car paint, we can offer quite a few options to repair it. However, first, you need to check if the repair is going to be covered by insurance. Whether you repair it yourself or move to a body shop, you want to make sure that the issue […]

Career Growth for Automotive Technicians

The automotive world is developing together with modern technologies, and the car industry is one of the most progressive today. Therefore, mechanics have plenty chances of finding the job for their skills to evince at their best. Having the right attitude, goals, motivation, and training, there are really no limits for a technician. Minim veniam, […]

See If You Are Tire Smart

We are excited to announce a new feature at our shop – you can get a consultation plus learn more about your vehicle. For starters, we decided to go with tires. Anyone can join the course and see if they know enough about the tires on their cars and trucks, and whether they can shop […]

Can Brake Fluid Go Bad?

There is brake fluid in braking systems that absorbs water in the areas with high humidity when moisture leaks through your car’s rubber hoses. Water keeps the brake fluid from boiling because in situations that put high demands on your brakes the fluid can become extremely hot and can cause a temporary loss of braking […]